BA (Hons) Fine Art

The course is designed to support highly motivated individuals who wish to study specifically with the aim of becoming professional artists or to practice at a very high level in related fields. The course is aimed at the development of studio practice to achieve exceptionally high standards of studio–based work in painting, sculpture and installation media representing an excellent grounding for further study at MA level and beyond.

You will have access to excellent facilities and technical support and be given your own substantial workspace in one of our purpose built studios. From very early in the course you will have the opportunity to direct your own programme of study supported by professional artists, many of whom are internationally renowned and representing the range of disciplines in sculpture, painting, media and theory. They will teach and support you throughout your course.

The course will require you to be organised, self-motivated and disciplined. Staff will encourage and help guide your exploration enabling you to develop your self –confidence and critical ability in your chosen area. You will be able to work over concentrated periods of self-directed study in our purpose built and well-equipped studios and workshops.


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About the course

Teaching is by individual tutorials and group seminars. This process begins in Year 1 with structured weekly tutorials where you will be required to discuss your practice with staff on a one to one basis as well as in groups. As the course develops you will be given increasing flexibility to sign up for tutorials with any number of staff, attend lectures by staff and visiting artists and take part in forums and discussions pertinent to your chosen field or themes. You will be given opportunities for guidance specific to your ambitions by leading curators and gallery directors as part of our mission to enable every student to gain an excellent understanding, not only of the history of their chosen idiom, but of the current multi–cultural make up of the ‘art world’ backed up by regular gallery, studio visits and international exchange possibilities.

A Professional Practice module focuses on the promotion and exhibition of art, and you will be given ample opportunity to organize and take part in exhibitions of your own work, as well as learning necessary skills in curating, project management, professionally photographing your work, marketing and web design, networking and numerous promotional opportunities that will maximize your potential after graduation.

Alongside your studio practice are ongoing modules in Historical and Critical Studies which introduce and develop your understanding of the concepts and theories of Fine Art. These are delivered through a series of lectures and seminars resulting in individual essays and group presentations.

You will be introduced to a vibrant research environment already established in the school where inter disciplinary research is supported by intensive studio development and you are given a unique opportunity to contribute to this exciting initiative.

The Fine Art Department is excited to be an official partner of Tate Exchange over the next 3 years, see noworkingtitle.co.uk and tate.org.uk for more information.



The majority of our graduates go on to become professional practicing self-employed artists. Other typical employment opportunities include curating, arts management and administration, interior design, film and TV, teaching (subject to PGCE), art therapy.

Alumni include painter and Turner Prize nominee Glenn Brown, Paul Harrison and John Wood who’s video work is exhibited throughout the world, Louisa Fairclough, Laura Ford, Nicholas May, Peter Randall-Page, Nigel Rolfe, Michael Stubbs, Graham Dolphin, Clair Woods and Alison Turnbull.

Staff Profiles

  • Natasha Kidd

    Course Leader
    BA Hons Fine Art
  • Mandy Bonnell

    Senior Lecturer
    BA Hons Creative Arts and BA Hons Contemporary Arts Practice
  • Prof Dexter Dalwood

    Professor of Art and Design
  • Private: Robert Fearns

    Senior Lecturer: Fine Art
    BA Hons Fine Art
  • Des Hughes

    Associate Lecturer
    BA Hons Fine Art
  • Prof Maria Lalic

    Professor of Painting
  • Dr Andrea Medjesi-Jones

    Course Leader
    MA Fine Art
  • Prof Mariele Neudecker

    Research Fellow
  • Rosemary Snell

    Senior Lecturer
    BA Hons Fine Art
  • Prof Mike Tooby

    Professor of Art and Design
  • Prof Gavin Turk

    Professor of Art and Design
  • Camilla Wilson

    Senior Lecturer
    BA Hons Fine Art
  • John Wood

    Research Fellow

Frequently asked questions

How many hours will I be expected to study?

Two-thirds of your course (across all three years) is in studio practice. You will receive approximately 196 hours of contact time with your tutors in studio practice and will be expected to evidence 800 hours of work throughout the year which will be assessed at
various intervals.

Do I get a studio space?

Yes, all of our students are given designated studio spaces in week 1 in our purpose built studios.

Can I use the facilities at weekends and evenings?

Sion Hill and Dartmouth Ave Studios are currently open in the evenings and weekends. Times vary throughout the year so please check with your course leader. School workshops currently open between 9.30am and 5.00pm only (week days).

Do I have to take written exams?

There will be an expectation of written , evaluative text in studio practice and approximately 2 essays per year for contextual studies but there are no written exams.

What are my job prospects?

A large percentage of our graduating students establish professional careers as practicing artists, the remainder continue study, get jobs in art related employment or as teachers.

What links do you have with industry?

The course works closely with numerous industry partners. There will be opportunities to produce work to commission, to work in collaboration, on site-specific artwork as well as regular exposure through external exhibitions. There is an expectation for students to gain such invaluable experience as part of our Professional Practice module, running in parallel to studio practice on each of the three years of study.

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