Contemporary Arts Practice Alumna (2016) Jacky Wickens is currently holding a solo exhibition at Lane House Arts in Bath. The show features work that Jacky produced while at Bath Spa University, around the theme of mental ill health, particularly depression and anxiety, in a bid to open a dialogue surrounding mental illness. Jacky says:

Some 16 years after being diagnosed with clinical depression and severe anxiety, I am positive the time has come to openly communicate my own experience in order to assist in combating the stigma that still encompasses mental ill health. Through photography, sculpture and text, I have attempted to visually represent what it personally feels like to live inside a mind that one often cannot trust. Producing artwork based on my own struggle with depression and anxiety has not only proved to be cathartic for me but has helped to convey to others the subjective condition from which millions of individuals suffer. In exhibiting the work made over the past three years I hope to provide proof that, what may appear impossible from the bottom of a pit of eternal despair, is not necessarily so. That one can still can have a varied and fulfilling life regardless of a debilitating mental illness. In short, that you too can achieve the impossible.

Jacky will be in the gallery on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 March, to talk through the work with anyone who may be interested. There will also be an accompanying booklet, detailing where local residents can access help for mental health problems in the area.

The exhibition is open now at Lane House Arts and has no fixed end date.