Creative Arts alumna, Martha Kelsey opens a solo show at City Hall in Bristol next week.

The exhibition Latte Leninism, explores a new iteration of champagne socialism, through new paintings, prints and drawings.

Inspired by her recent trip to Saint Petersburg, Martha presents a westerner’s snap-shot view of Russia’s faded and re-named metropolis. It is under the pastel veneers of restored palaces and in the memorable after-taste of vodka that one senses Leningrad, a Soviet city un-made. As the centenary of the Bolshevik revolution approaches, these artworks provoke timely comparisons between 1917 and now; you are invited to question the state of democracy today and the importance of British relations to Putin’s Russia.

Exhibition runs  8 – 11 August (10am – 7pm) daily |City Hall (The Vestibules), College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TR