BACA Mixed Media Textiles would like to work with a film-making
student (or students) to collaborate in creating a set of videos
documenting the process of setting up a table loom to use as a
resource for weaving textile students.

Setting up a table loom is a series of simple individual repetitive
steps, which together make a more complex process.  It can be
separated into four or five sub-processes that could be captured in a
series of short videos, each approximately 10 minutes long. Setting up
a loom takes between half a day, and a day.  Students will usually
need to set up a loom 3 or 4 times before they are confident with the
whole process.

Although a Lecturer will initially show a student how to setup a
loom, a Lecturer or Technician might not be immediately available on
subsequent occasions.  A set of videos would be a valuable resource
for textile students, which would enable them to use their time more
efficiently rather than having to wait for help. ‘

Please contact Sue Bradley if you are interested