Contemporary Arts Practice alumna, Ellie Mawby has curated an exhibition addressing climate change, opening next month at Bath Artists Studios.

Kuuki brings together artists who are responding to the challenges of climate change using their art as a platform for debate and collective awareness, regarding environmental concerns.

From photography that focuses on the complete disregard for the environment by individuals, to sculpture that represents a changing landscape due to climate change, each response is an important statement on the desperate need for social change.

Ellie’s exhibition aims to blur the line between art and activisim, highlight issues concerning the environment and raise awareness, through art, of the impact that pollution has on the world.

In Japanese, kuuki (k-oo-kee) means air or atmosphere and is used colloquially in phrases such as kuuki o yomu which literally means ‘read the air,’ but can be interpreted as understanding without explicit information or the unspoken mood or feelings, or the air or atmosphere of a situation, relationship or interaction. Kuuki is also used to refer to “the things we take for granted, but cannot live without.”

OPENING NIGHT: April 6th, 6-9pm

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, there will also be pop-up events, including:

Art Materials & Books Swap on Saturday 8th April, 12-5pm

ProteSTITCH Craftivism Workshops on Sunday 9th April, 12-5pm / Friday 14th April, 12-5pm

Before the flood Documentary & talk by Nikki Jones (researcher/writer of energy) on Thursday 13th April, 6-9pm

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