MA Fine Artist Fiona Campbell is taking part in an exhibition raising awareness of the diversity of bees in the UK and the pivotal role they play in our environment.

Fifty Bees brings together fifty one artists, who have transformed research into artworks.

Fifty tiny, life-size bees, created in wool by Fibre Artist Lydia Needle, represent 50 of the 250 varieties left in the UK, each paired with a companion piece, responding to the habitat, linked wildlife, ecology, flight, sound, predators, or other feature of one specific UK bee.

Between them, the artists collated so much valuable research about their bees that have chosen to crowdfund a book, to share the information: their habitats and ecosystems, the flora and fauna that rely on them, the parts of Britain that thrive in, the places that they have been lost from.  These artists and makers are passionate advocates for their bees and they want to share all of this with as many people as possible, not just those that come to the gallery.

They plan to publish 500 books to spread the story as far as possible; the sales then funding another FIFTY BEES project.  And then another, and another…. You can support the Crowdfunder campaign here, to spread this vital knowledge and awareness of UK bees. The work will be exhibited in Somerset in July 2017.