Associate Photography Lecturer and Foundation Course Coordinator Hugh Sanders is currently holding a solo exhibition in Sion Hill Gallery.

In a world constantly mediated by images it is difficult to distinguish at times between that which is simulated and that which is real. Images no longer serve to represent a slice of live reality or truth.

Hugh takes this premise as his starting point. His work explores mundane imagined spaces which are mediated in model form.

By projecting live views of the interiors, he attempts to convince a reality whilst simultaneously by the nature of the constructions he creates, incorporate a trace of a real-time presence within the theatre of projection.

The works reminds us of the compulsion of photographic language to convince and our acceptance or connivance in this process. By contrasting this with the trace of real time incident, it endeavours to take our perceptions to the notion of the sublime.

Exhibition runs until Tuesday 21 March.