Upcoming exhibition from 7 to 14 December 2012 entitled ‘Inside the Studio’.

First Year BA Fine Art students will work collaboratively in organizing their first public exhibition, select and showcase the work they have produced  thus far.As it is a large group of students, the exhibition is not thematized but is instead premised on the students’ first experience of curating and contextualizing their own work. The experience of organizing and developing such a project is an invaluable experience that will help them develop their presentational skills, collaborative approach and to engage in practical experience of curating and running their own exhibition.The exhibition will hold the works of 43 students executed in different media including drawings, sculptures, paintings, photographs and possibly video work. It will occupy both the floor and the wall space and dimensions will be appropriate to the numbers of students exhibiting and the gallery size.

The tutor overseeing the student’s work is Andrea Medjesi-Jones.