Technical Demonstrator in Embroidery, Joy Merron, is taking up residency at Clarks Village to offer free workshops to its visitors in July and August.

Supported by the Somerset Art Works team, Joy and fellow artists Donna Vale and Lisa Cheung have designed flexible sessions so that shoppers can spend a few minutes or longer, and so that all ages can get involved to help create a large colourful “canopy” installation, of strung and suspended recycled bottle tops.

The canopy will semi encircle the trunk of a London plane tree, where the workshops will be held, and create viewing windows from the walkways onto the heart of the installation – the “garden tree”. The gentle sound of the bottletops rustling and the light catching the colours of the bottle tops will evoke bunting, the whisper of waves, beach tents and summer celebrations.

Joy explains the inspiration behind her bespoke design, “The design is inspired by making the most of everyday objects, the beautiful gardens of Clarks Village and celebrating both the geometry and life-giving power of nature. At the heart of the installation is the trunk of a beautiful, mature tree that offers shade to shoppers and a home for lots of wildlife. We are looking forward to meeting lots of people and helping them to make the different pieces that will become a living art gallery that will grow in both size and biodiversity during the summer holidays.”

Find full details of what workshops will be running, at