Where there are a number of academic staff and doctoral researchers working together around common themes the University has approved Research Centres and Research Groups. The Bath School of Art and Design has three Research Centres, Contemporary Art, Ceramics and Fashion and Textiles.

The University has received research grants and/or doctoral bursaries from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) in History, English, Creative Writing, Art and Design. Where there are a number of academic staff and doctoral researchers working together around common themes the University has approved Research Centre’s and Research Groups.

The University particularly welcomes PhD enquiries from potential applicants whose research may complement that of the Centre’s and Groups. Potential PhD applicants should also visit the University’s Graduate School website.

Contemporary Art

The Contemporary Art group comprises artists and critical writers working across digital media, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture: each has exhibited or published their work internationally.

The activities of some individuals in the group are linked, in part, by a concern with the viewer’s place, with location and with landscape, and in relation to this area a theoretical discussion has developed on Critical Topology of Landscape: Visual Art and the Politics of Space the subject of a symposium at Bath in April 2007.

The Contemporary Art group operates formally through a sequence of meetings, presentations, seminars and staff mentoring – and there are many less formal exchanges and discussions across a broad range of practice in the visual arts. Together these provide the basis for the supervision of six PhD students.


Dan Allen
Mandy Bonnell
Roger Clarke
Cedric Christie
Angela Cockayne
Colin Crumplin
Professor Dexter Dalwood
Jenny Dunseath
Natasha Kidd
Robert Luzar
Professor Maria Lalic
Andrea Medjesi-Jones
Rosemary Snell
Anita Taylor
Martin Thomas
Professor Mike Tooby
Professor Gavin Turk
Camilla Wilson
John Wood




Ceramics research reflects the breadth and diversity of the subject field and includes aspects of ceramics history, theory and critical discourse as well as studio based ceramics practice.

Group members deal with both the production and consumption of ceramic objects and aim to explore links and maintain dialogue between their various interests.

Staff in the group are centrally involved in the Interpreting Ceramics Research Collaboration (ICRC) set up in September 2000 by individuals from 4 universities: BSU, UWE, UWA and UWIC.

A major outcome of the collaboration is the peer reviewed international ceramics journal Interpreting Ceramics (see interpretingceramics.com) for which Dr Jo Dahn is submissions editor.


Shai Akram
Peter Bodenham
Dr Jo Dahn
Dr Graham Mclaren
Keith Harrison
Kate Wilson



Fashion and Textiles

Develop and investigate the tension between established binary opposites.

The central focus of the group embodies object influenced or inspired research. It includes the development of garments and fabrics, and aims to challenge the boundaries existing in fashion and textiles discourse.

The research aims to:

Develop and investigate the tension between established binary opposites, i.e. East/West, high/low, new/old, as well as questioning the notion of sight as the primary sense when encountering textile objects.

Therefore the aims of the cluster centre on the praxis at which these opposites meet, not just as an exercise in fusion, but as an exploration of new approaches to understanding objects. This key aim therefore is to contribute to a wider appreciation of these issues, whilst contributing to the language of textiles.


Sue Bradley
Kerry Curtis
Amanda Goode
Rachael Howard
Zoe Miller
Kenichi Nakayama
Claire-Anne O’Brien
Dr Jo Turney
Tim Parry-Williams

Associate members:
Rosemary Harden – Curator, Bath Fashion Museum
Howard Batho

Major projects:
Printed Dress in 20th Century