Kenichi Nakayama has worked and trained at numerous World Renowned fashion houses, such as Issey Miyake Design Studio, Japan and Koji Tatsuno Atelier, London and Paris; in addition he has been commissioned
to design and produce fabrics exclusively for Giorgio Armani, Issey Miyake, Junko Shimada and Romeo Gigli.

As well as being a fashion designer, he has produced and designed costumes for a Contemporary Musical in Japan entitled, ‘Blue Angel’ and a Contemporary Opera in Germany entitled, ‘The English man, the Irish man and the French man’.
Nakayama seeks to explore and widen possibilities as a creative practitioner, since 1999 he originated the fashion design label ”Double O’ with his design partner Rie Watanabe in London.

Double O has been producing collections twice a year (Spring and Summer / Autumn and Winter), which have been presented at London, Paris, Tokyo and New York fashion week.
The distinctive collections made from unique materials are engineered for each exclusive collection and combine classic and innovative fabrics; many fabrics are the result of special collaborations with textile factories.
Double O’s international reputation has grown, and has received attention and been reviewed by the International, European and Asian fashion press.

The presentation of the collections has explored different types of venues and methods of ‘display and performance’ situated in museums, art galleries, bars, the street, supermarkets and the tube. Conceptual solutions are arrived at to meet specific needs and situations i.e. mobility, travel, comfort, memory, smell, lightness and touch. Architectonic design solutions are incorporated into contemporary pattern cutting where the garment is designed not only to be worn, but be stored, folded and transported. Moreover, Double O’s accessories transform simple and unexpected materials from paper to resin, to fabric and foodstuffs into flexible and sculptural furniture.

Double O is not like any other fashion label, the concept is not only about retail and consumption, Double Os philosophy is to experiment and explore different possibilities in terms of design and market, collaborating with Artists,
Architects, Musicians, Graphic Designers, Paper Companies, Video Game Companies and magazines.

Double O continues to research into the concept of lifestyle, popular culture and how it translates into fashion.

Stockists and Clients: Japan, China, Korea, France, Italy, Germany and USA