Author/co-designer of ‘Factory Records: The Complete Graphic Album’, Thames and Hudson, London: 2006. 224-page monograph with 400 colour illustrations. Chosen as no. 18 in a twenty book collection celebrating the 60th anniversary of Thames and Hudson, 2009.

Introductory essay on Peter Saville for Arkitip issue 49, Los Angeles, November 2008.

Visual poetry:

pole poem: one to seven voices. Self-published pamphlet, 2011.

topo-typo and numeral included in Pocket Litter [issue 3] edited by Lawrence Upton. London: Writers Forum. Published June 2011.

ess/ata/tte [2012] included in Sugar Mule [US] edited by Lawrence Upton. Published 2013 [online]. Available from:

fragments [2012]. London: Writers Forum. 14-page A5 booklet. ISBN 987 1 84254 899 8