PhD Bath Spa University. Thesis Title: Space,Place and Site through moving image art practice: Entering Elsewhere (2011) – MFA Bath Spa University

As a research artist, having a strong background across media seems essential in order to articulate the critical themes of my work; drawing and painting are the mechanisms or spring board that I use to explore ideas in the making of larger digital works (multi screen video films) often resulting in becoming exhibited works of art themselves.

I belong to a number of professional networks including Space Place Practice of which I was co-curator/founder for a number of years. I have given many academic papers in the U.K. The Netherlands, U.S.A, Canada and Europe.

Curation is an increasingly  important aspect of my research – LOST at Salisbury Arts Centre in 2014 being a recent project, current research includes LOST2  as well as other live projects.

In September 2011, I began working collaboratively with Dr Linda Khatir,  we were awarded a residency at Oxbow School of Art, Michigan USA (affiliated with the School of Arts Institute Chicago). Since then we have returned to Chicago for further residencies and shows. We exhibit in the U.K. and internationally under the name Quilos and the Windmill. Working collaboratively is exciting, generative and discursive. (Upcoming show: CORVID. Peter Mars Gallery. Chicago.Autumn 2015).

Selected publications include ISBN 978-905593-6 Title: Hollow Space.ISBN 978-1-905593-74-3 Title: Hollow Space. Re-visions Journal November 2010 issue. Title: Remembering in Coast, six short minutes.