My professional experience has been primarily as a graphic design consultant working in print, packaging and brand development. I have done this for both large and small consultancies, for my own partnership, and now for my own limited company. This experience naturally feeds into my teaching, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

As my teaching has progressed however, I have become aware that students at both levels benefit from a richer diet of cultural history, and an engagement with issues beyond the mere mechanics of design. To this end, I have developed a number of projects and lectures about key figures in the history of visual culture, particularly in film and early twentieth-century avant-gardes. This now informs an additional post I have taken up within the School as Senior Lecturer in Historical and Critical Studies.

My overriding interest with such material is how to make often quite complex and ‘difficult’ territory more accessible. How can key graphic design skills of writing, editing, montage and typography be used to achieve this?