Tim is a designer, maker, consultant, researcher, curator and lecturer, but first and foremost a passionate weaver.

Initially trained at Surrey Institute of Art and Design Farnham (now UCA) and later in Japan,
Tim has worked on an extensive portfolio of projects with leading designers and makers, industrial partners, traditional craft weavers and museums, contributing to exhibitions, conferences, and project development nationally and internationally. Throughout this, he has sustained a studio practice focussing on the making of high-end functional textiles for fashion accessory or interiors, and applied-art-textiles

Textiles portfolio:

Practice broadly combines studio hand weaving and collaborative design for industry. Chief interests are in materials and yarn properties, and work isn’t immediately concerned with pattern or even colour, but explores the regularly unseen aspects of design through the deeper values and potentials of materials, construction and finish.

Studio production involves exploratory and focused sampling, where aesthetics steer material ideas into a whole. Work is often speculative, reflecting contemporary cycles of research, or inspiration, and usually results in limited or unit production of fashion accessories or textiles for interiors.

Industrial work is centered on fashion fabric developments, and employs a broad, systematic approach of rigorous applied research, based on very specific project focuses. These are usually materials-led, and explore structural and spacial conditions, and finish applications to exploit or subvert inherent characteristics of yarns employed.

Research Projects