Dr Young In Hong is an artist, working in the different disciplines of textiles, drawing, installation, performance, photography, art in public space and artist book making.  What informs Young In’s key questions for her practice as well as research are; undervalued cultural practices such asfemalelabourinSouth Korea, politics of intuition, and the practice of equality  as a questioning of hierarchically formed ways of perceiving and understanding.Young In has completed the BA Sculpture at Seoul National University (1998) and has an MA and PhD in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College (2000, 2012).

Her recent practice focuses on textile and performance within a fine art context; both practices are closely related to her theoretical research.

Young In has been developing large-scale embroidery paintings  for over fifteen years as a method by which sewing and painting can be amalgamated within a fine art vocabulary by combing airbrush painting with embroidery.  Here, half-machine and half free-hand embroidery becomes a means to re-interpret third-worldfemalelabourthroughartistic expression, as machine-embroidery techniques were developed by female workers in countries with a strong textile industry. Her textile practice attempts to reveal the underlying conditions and patterns of the global textile industry and questionitseconomico-political hierarchy.

For her performance projects, Young In works in collaboration with institutions, curators, fashion designers and garment makers as well as musicians, dancers and the ordinary public.  Here, collective memory embedded in an unwritten history is a central theme, which often leads the artist to focus on historical archival images of specific events in South Korea.

Young In’s embroidery paintings and performances are often shown together, and have been exposed at international venues such as La TriennalediMilano (2016), Grand Palais, Paris (2016), Cecilia Hillstrom Gallery, Stockholm (2013/2016), fig-2 6/50, ICA (2015), Gwangju Biennale (2014/2004), Delfina Foundation, London (2014), Kukje Gallery, Seoul (2013), Museum of Art and Design, New York (2011), Saatchi Gallery, London (2010), A Foundation, Liverpool (2008), Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (2007) and Taipei Fine Art Museum (2002).

Young In has published artist books based on her own projects in public spaces in Stockholm and London, (Nowhere I Can Be 2013, WhereisPlin? 2009, The words 2008 and Image Unidentified 2008).

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